What I love about the blog at MicheDwenger.com is that I can write about anything, while the nature of my articles will still focus on t-shirts, sneakers and toys this was something I was thinking about after reading some articles on facebook and the local Pataskala Post Newspaper.

Teachers are amazing people. 

If by the time I have kids and they make their way to adulthood if they do anything productive with their lives it will be 100% due to the teachers that he has had in his lifetime.  True I could be a good or great parent, but based on my ability to not get a dog to stay in the yard without a violent stomp through the yard I probably won’t be raising the next doctor who grows up to be president.  Okay maybe president isn’t much of a stretch.  So I will be dependant on the teachers that interact with my child during his developmental years. 

Notice this entire time I said teachers.  Not schools.  It seems like they have put every obstacle in the way of these amazing people to actually be able to reach our kids.  Budget cuts, horrible conditions, and very little positives to balance out math and science (we all know no one likes science or math).  Where are the home ec classes, the art classes, the sports?  Now we have teachers teaching boring classes that no one wants to learn, in buildings that are becoming dilapidated and resources that are becoming non-existent. 

All I have to lean my hope on is teachers, people who are under-paid for the amount of responsibility we give them.  The good ones though…  they do it for the love, they really want to help kids and for that I say thank you.  Someday (not anytime soon) I’ll have a kid of my own and I hope you still have this same love with everything the man is throwing at you.