People ask kids all the time what their dream job would be.  While most kids would answer fire fighter, teacher, an astronaut, an ecommerce executive or owning your own t-shirt company.  So you would assume with all this that I have my dream job…  and for the most part you are correct, my life is awesome.  Did you know that I always dreamed of being a pro wrestler?  I grew up watching wrestling since I was 5 years old.  I would wake up and while other kids watched Saturday morning cartoons I caught upon NWA wrestling greats like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes or Barry Windham and every WWF character from Koko B Ware to Hillbilly Jim.  As I grew up these dreams continued, I found ways to put every stuffed animal in my house in a figure four leg lock and mastered my finishing move the half crab or a DDT off the top of our basement sofa.  I had action figures and I would map out the story lines that would appear on Monday Nitro years later.  My favorite action figure…  Steve Regal from his AWA day as Mr. Electricity.  I created outfits for the Midnight Rockers (which is probably the only hint I ever had that my fashion career would someday take off).  As I grew older pro-wrestling followed me to college in the forms of dressing up like Rakishi for parties or playing video games with roommates where we all had characters based on our own personas.  I gave up submission finishing moves and moved to high-flying finishers like “the fat bomb”.  I cheered on the Rock with my neighbors as they broke most of the stuff in their living room as Rock lost his title to HHH.  Now as a grown man with a real job, I still sit down on Mondays and watch WWE.  I still get chills leading up to wrestlemania, I get excited about new wrestlers and still dream of what it would be like to be one of those newcomers.  At 33 I don’t see a wrestling career in my future, but maybe someday I’ll have a son and force him to follow in the footsteps his father never made.  Plus maybe he’ll make me his manager. 

Keep dreaming!