So before I can answer how our trip to Seattle is I should say we had an amazing trip to Orlando and I should follow up with some blog posts of the cool stuff we bought in Orlando.

We took a flight out from Orlando to Seattle, well actually Houston then Seattle. However, when going anywhere In Orlando you have the two worst travel mates in the world making up 3/4 of the travelers… Old people and families with kids.

1 hour later we are at our gate… A gate filled with basketball teams, 2 barking dogs and weird overweight families rocking matching Disney tees. It seemed extra crowded, mostly because the last 3 flights to Houston have been cancelled or delayed.

PA announcer, “if you have a connecting flight in Houston come to the counter because you will miss it” so we went up to meet with Nick who explained to us we will now be on a direct flight on Alaska Airlines.

If I sound like I am complaining about this experience, I am but I must say that the people we met along the way were awesome. In Orlando these people got us where we needed to go and Seattle has the nicest people anywhere.

We get on a plane and start our 5 hour flight with only candy bars and popchips to eat for dinner. We were upgraded to premium seats and we pulled out the iPad loaded with the Karate Kid series and season 1 of modern family.

We arrived in Seattle and proceed to baggage claim knowing we had a 1 in 50 chance of our bags bring there. They were not… We filed our claim… Can you name something unique in your bag? A He-man action figure? That works and we headed to our rental car, the only one closed. Then headed to our preferred member station where our name wasn’t listed. Then got in the Corolla with our GPS still in Orlando and made our best guess for hotel direction.

Best quote of the night, “why are the highway numbers in Thomas Jefferson’s head?”. Think about it, it took me a day to figure it out also.

We arrived at our hotel where we were given keys to our room with a queen size bed which Angie believes is the size a baby has in their first crib.

We ordered pizza from the place across the street and went to sleep… 3am at home and midnight in Seattle. With visions on luggage Dancing in our head.