With an extremely sad heart I announce that Girl Kitty aka G.K. Was put to sleep today. She has been struggling with her health for months and had pretty much become recluse and in trying find a home for her when we move we uncovered more issues. It was the best thing for her and she is in a better place now.

For those of you that never had the pleasure of meeting GK, I rescued her from death 9 years ago. The youngest of 7 and the runt of her litter she was born handicapable with no back paws. She was given months to live but gave me partnership for 9 great years. Her hand stands were awe-inspiring, she was always talkative and she was a bigger than life personality. She loved Ohio State, the sound of music and hated dogs, belly rubs and children.

She looks down on us all from a soft fluffy place in kitty heaven. Thank you Girl Kitty for touching my life. I will always love you.