Two trips to Seattle, two massive flight disasters. We went from a great flight that got us in early afternoon to over 12 hours in an airport with a scared cat and the absolute smartest representatives Delta could employ.

Signs your flight experience will suck:
1. You are flying Delta
2. You are going to Seattle
3. Someone on your flight does not have sleeves.
4. You had to pry a cat out from under a hotel bed with a wooden hanger. 5. You rush to your gate missing Max & Ermas and sitting by a Johnny Rockets. 6. A guy in all khaki keeps standing in your wife’s way.
7. The scan shows you have something by your butt… The enduring pat down involves a thumb in your crack. 8. You have 8 bags and only 4 hands.
9. The people in line in front of you don’t know what to do with their boarding pass or checked bags. 10. Seriously the guy in khaki is everywhere I want to be.