I am in NYC for work and we are staying in Times Square so I ran around tonight for what I am calling “Miche Night” (feel free to celebrate how ever you like).

Here are the stupidest things I saw.

1. Taking photos with your iPad. You look stupid holding an iPad in the air to take pictures. For those of you who wanted a phone on your iPad trust me, it would look like talking into a boom box and you’d look stupid.

2. Posing for pictures in the middle of people walking. Excuse me miss, that pose on this corner is called prostitution.

3. Spiderman giving someone directions. Okay this was actually cool, a guy promoting the broadway show in full spidey get up was helping a guy find his way back to the hotel. It says a lot about how much we trust police when you ask a fictional super hero over the real super heroes the NYPD.

4. This conversation between tourist and saxophone player. Tourist: you should be in a band. Sax guy: if the band sucks then it doesn’t matter how good I am. Tourist: you should be in a “good” band. Sax guy: you should put a couple of dollars in my bucket.

5. Disney store: holy crap. Kids are crazy!