Today Angie and I opened gifts before we started our whirlwind journey across the US as we try our best to create our own bi-coastal version of four Christmas. In true form my Christmas and the 8 year old down the street are the same.

Tonight we fly red eye into Florida, well technically Philadelphia before we touch down in Orlando. We’re both exhausted so I hope we sleep tonight.

Parking in true Seattle fashion was near impossible, anything involving cars really is difficult to these people. There are 3 lots, none of which have signs or people working at them. We parked at some lot with the last name fox. I think it’s like scooby doo 5 at kings island.

The lady across from us at the airport is rocking a mini-skirt and knee high boots to take the red eye. I am wearing the perfect blend of pajamas and stuff i’d wear to the grocery on Sunday for top pot doughnuts.

I hope everyone enjoyed their first night of Haauunnuukkaahh (I don ‘t know how to spell it so I just double all the letters I think belong in the word). Next stop Orlando!