Flying is always risky, not because of accidents because those rarely ever happen, I think I heard it’s safer to fly than drive but because you never know who your seating arrangement will place you next to. Like a family of loud Italians (like from Italy, not Jersey Shore). One of which who believes that the middle seat means he can lean into you the whole flight. I have flown with my wife and had more space than this guy was giving me. At one point he actually rested him hand on my leg. Something I’ve been wishing my wife would do for some time. I think his hand may have been in my Pocket when I woke up from a nap and I am sure we shared a cookie towards the end of the flight.

The lady across the aisle changed her babies diaper at her seat, which was weird to see but worse to smell, they might as well have served 3 week old Indian food as an in flight meal.

You never know what you’ll get when you board a plane, I will pretty much guarantee you the skinny girl with the tiny bag is not in the seat next to yours. If it’s me, I apologize, no one wants to sit next to the chubby guy who might or might not snore when he sleeps. But I do have good movies on my iPad.

Goodbye for now planes, we’ll see you again Friday… Now time to board the train!