There are many things a child will remember in their life. I put a large emphasis on shoes my whole life maybe it was the ridicule of starting 7th grade in some KMart Velcro pro winners, but I remember a large chunk of my life based on the shoes on my feet. My first pair of New Balance sneakers came from the JCPenny catalog in 1991. My Dad ordered them for me and we picked them up in store at Northland Mall. I was so proud of them, I’ll admit I only knew about them thanks to A Tribe Called Quest and they were the most expensive shoes I owned at that time. They were more orthopedic looking than fashion and I was made fun of because they weren’t the latest Jordan to hit. They were however the perfect blend of grey leather and mesh with slight accents of navy. They went with everything and they were the most comfortable shoes I ever owned. I wore them until I couldn’t anymore but they were the building block to the collection I have today.

Now my unborn baby girl will look fondly on her memories of the first pair of New Balance shoes her Dad bought her. Well, maybe not, but I’ll always remember it.