Driving through the parking lot at our local Target which is sort of attached to a mall which normally would make it janky, but one of the stores is Nordstrom rack so we learned to accept this short coming.  Sorry, back to the drive.  A large Suburban was parked in the middle waiting for a spot, we sat there for a while as a small Honda drove past the car and he stopped and motioned for me to roll down my window.  I rolled it down and he told me there is no one driving that car, just kids.  So I drove up past and saw 2 preschool kids sitting in the drivers seat of this large Suburban.  This left me with tons of questions…

-Who thought this was a good idea?

-What happens if the car needs to move?

-Does the kid move it? 

-If not was leaving it on a good idea?

-Why was this your solution?

Any ideas?  I’d love to hear why you think this could have happened.