Here are the top 10 songs I am not proud to have on my iPod…  what are yours?  You know we all have them, you have your iPod playing in front of friends on shuffle and one of these songs comes on.  True we all sang along to Positive K as he played both parts of that catchy jam but no one was happy with me when they went home with that in their head.  I’m sure all of these songs have a story behind how they made it on there, but I’m not going to defend them…  it’s not worth the fight, especially when you see the entire Brittany Spears Blackout album.  Brittany doesn’t even have that on her iPod. 


  1. Positive K:  I Got A Man
  2. All 4 One:  I Swear
  3. Backstreet Boys:  The Call
  4. Jem and the Holograms Theme Song
  5. BONE:  1st of the Month
  6. The Entire Brittany Spears Black Out Album
  7. Deniece Williams:  Let’s hear it for the boys
  8. Jonas Brothers:  Year 3000
  9. Nick Cannon: Gigalo
  10. Paris Hilton: Stars Are Blind