I was driving home today in some pretty thick Pittsburgh traffic when my iPod played the TLC song “something wicked this way comes”… It brought back some great memories. Many of you might think I’m referring to the late Lisa “left eye” Lopes or back in the day when both members of Outkast appeared on the same track. No the memory it instantly brought back was my high school pager and the popular trend of recording a song verse as people called to leave you a message. The perfect skill of starting a stopping a CD at just the right verse, being the first person to play a song before your friends had heard it and the message at the end that read something like this.

Yo, wassup! Ya reached Miche’s pager. Leave a message after the bing and I’ll get back atcha! Peace out!

This song was one of the songs… “Remember back in the day when the only signs we had were picket.” Classic! Just as classic as Motorola pagers, pager chains and beep + vibrate. Word to your mother!