To to all those dad’s out there that have little daughters you know that Frozen has taken over your lives.  I spent over an hour today packed into an off-mall toy store so that my daughter could meet Anna and Elsa.  Now they were no Disnet princesses but the experience was still magical as my daughter stopped playing with her Melissa and Doug shopping cart long enough to smile, hug and pose for a picture with the people who brought you the song she calls “go”.

However what does a little boy get out of this?  In this case he got a set of balls and a mini hockey set…  But what does he take away from the experience?  The awful smell of the lady in front of us?  I hope not.  Playing catch with the same princess that his sister adores?  Maybe.  A picture with a creepy oversized and misproportioned snowman.  Yeah I like warm hugs too!

Meet Olaf…  We did.  While his sister was scared (as she should be) of the oversized, off faced monster, Jax jumped at the opportunity to meet the man who dreams of summer.  Nothing like a photo in a strip center parking lot to create lasting memories.