So I should preface this that more than ever in the history of my life I am into phone commerce, probably more now than I was when I had this amazing palm Pre that really started the digital age of the smartphone for me.  I recently invested in an iPhone 6 Plus, you know the massive device that now blends the best of an iPad Mini with that of a iPhone.  While I still haven’t found the best pocketing technique for it yet I have enjoyed the larger screen and have literally taken my digital life down to one single device.

With all that said, it’s 2014 and I am not the only one doing this exact same thing.  Why would you not have a mobile friendly website if you expect your consumers to engage and convert.  Heck, even the blog I am posting right now is responsive to mobile devices and my only hope is that you read a couple of lines or I can network with a few new people.  In a day and age where an app may allow for better customer retention and brand engagement time online, any respectable company could forego that and just build a solid, semi-responsive or autonomous solution for phone interaction.

I will leave the company that sent me on this tirade nameless but I can tell you I was shopping for a ham that is baked in honey.  I couldn’t even complete my transaction/reservation on a phone that is barely smaller than the size of an acer laptop.  The prompts weren’t touch friendly, the UI was clunky at best and the navigation took me in circular paths that 3 times dropped me back on my entry page (which was from a branded keyword in Google, don’t worry I didn’t use or even acknowledge any paid Ads).

So, what did I do?  I still have yet to compete a transaction, I haven’t had the time when near a desktop computer and I sit now on my phone stewing about this experience typing a blog post into an extremely phone friendly wordpress App.  I can’t get away from this brand of ham, it’s my wife’s favorite and the compromise tool that allows me to have my favorite foods at Thanksgiving.  So, eventually I’ll dust off the desktop in the office or the laptop in some meeting at work and I’ll reserve my 8 pound ham but do all customers have that kind of loyalty, that kind of patience or that kind of nagging reminding them that their happiness revolves around how successful I am at navigating your poorly build phone platform.

Retailers think about your mobile platform if you’re selling products, reserving pork or just convincing the world that you mean business.

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