We’re currently packing up bags for a trip to Disney World this weekend. I should have used quotation marks or italics around the we part as it’s really my wife that is doing most of the packing. If this fell on my shoulders no one would have belts and we’d run out of socks somewhere around day 2.

However my inability to coordinate outfits and pack enough underwear for the duration of the trip isn’t the purpose behind this post.

I have a backpack that I travel with and now so do the kids, each one of them have cuter than most backpacks and enough space to fit the essentials of a plane ride to Florida. My wife packed what some might consider the perfect bag… Snacks, sippy cup, flash cards, a look & find book, coloring pack and an iPod. My daughter currently almost 2.5 years old saw her backpack unzipped the cats mouth to reveal the contents of the bag. Rummaging through quickly clearly looking for a particular something. She left the contents sprawled on our bedroom floor and took off to her room. She came back handed us the bag and said ready. The bags contents? Just her stuffed Lambie doll.

It made me appreciate the bond she had with the now dirty white sheep and the simplicity that all she needed to get through a trip was her best friend. It made me think about how little I would need to have the perfect trip this weekend. If I could just fit the entire family in my backpack, that would be enough.

Oh, and my iPhone… Gotta have my iPhone.

So as I repack all these non-essentials into her bag that maybe only the people in rows adjacent to us on the plane will appreciate. Know there is a simple solution to happiness and it comes out of a little prioritization.

Miche wrote this post while on the toilet and you can find more of his work at MicheDwenger.com