I am lucky that I am really good at my day job and I get the privilege of talking to a lot of recruiters or HR reps if I decide it goes that far. The headhunters that really want to get to know me ask me what my dream job would be and I then read the person and choose my answer between CEO or stay at home Dad.

The truth is stay at home Dad is the real answer but know that I say this with a full and honest reality of what I am saying. I don’t want to be a homemaker or a stay at home Mom… I want to be a Dad that stays home with his kids. A Dad. I could never be what my wife is, she put her career on hold to spend time with kids but she has done so much more than that. She plans meals, has kids on a perfect schedule, educates them so they fit in during play groups and is solely responsible for making everything we do possible. The kids listen to hear and treat her like a superior, an educator, a leader… a Mom.

I want to be a Dad who stays at home. My biggest contribution in the course of day is my speed at which I chase kids around the dining room table or the faces I make to elicit giggles… On my best days I am jungle gym or the apparatus my daughter used for flips.

I am not saying that makes me a bad Dad… I actually strive to be a really great Dad. It just makes my resume for that dream job rather unimpressive or at the very least unqualified. For that I am okay and will gladly trade a day at the office for an hour of table chasing and funny faces. But if that day job ever comes available the one that allows me to just be a Dad… I’ll the first to apply.