I love sneakers, I always have and I am in the process of writing for a book some excerpts on my experience and love for sneakers. All of that said there are certain relationships that cleanly balance love and hate effectively.

None more than the Nike Hurrache.


It’s recent resurgence in the UK mixed with a recent addition to the NikeID catalog magnifies these feelings as I toss and turn in a battle of love, respect and disgust.

This shoe is so freaking cool and it colors up so well. You could probably develop 12 custom color ways on NikeID in 15 minutes all would have buyers lining up. The OG color way which is photographed above is from my personal collection. How do you keep an OG show that is 90% white that clean?

The answer is simple and aligns with my hatred.

This shoe has never fit me well. I have a high arch and I squeeze and push my chubby foot into the shoe only to have a sock that resembles an 80s aerobic instructor. I could go sockless but the odor that would ensue would be intolerable and I still need to take off my shoes around my wife. Plus my kids are judgy so when they tell you that you stink it’s time to make a change.

So what do I do? I like the photos on Instagram, I RT on Twitter and my closet remains based solely on this one pair from the 90s.

And don’t even get me started on the Hurrache Light.