Wow! I remember this week last year very well. It seemed like sneakers showed up at the house almost everyday of the week as my wife looked at me with death glares. The conversation I had with myself in one symbolic ear and out the other, you know the one fellow sneaker heads where you tell yourself this year will be only the mist-haves and things you can wear everyday.

Last year the selection went like this… ASICS Noosa 9, Nike KD 6 aunt pearls, Nike KD 6 Florals, NB Daytona 1600, NB 1400 Gum Bottom and some others.

This year shapes up similar with KD 7 Florals and Nike Agility Flyknit both out on the 12th. Kanye x Adidas Boost dropping all star weekend. ASICS Noosa 10 hitting this week. KD 7 aunt pearls on the 19th and a weird infatuation with the Brooks Chariot that has me scooping up discounted colors until my rotation looks like a Brooks bag of Skittles.

What does a sneaker head do? What is everyone else planning on picking up? Is there something else I am missing? Is my wife going to kill me as these arrive over the next two weeks.

Any insight is useful.

Update 2/23/2015, here is what I picked up so far. Passed on the Aunt Pearl KDs too much white for me and still trying to find my size in the Women’s Flyknit Agility. Women’s 11 if anyone is out there. I will only pay retail for shoes, I stopped supporting resellers when it started getting ridiculous a couple of years ago.