Today I took a major entrepreneurial life step and deleted the GrowndFlore Facebook page. It was weird to think that each one of these steps means that I am no longer a small business owner or am I no longer an entrepreneur. I have to believe that spirit still lives on inside me somewhere I’m just using that spirit with a billion dollar company backing my decisions or I’m going to have to hope someday my kids want help with a business plan for their virtual lemonade stand.

Wait! Did I just invent virtual lemonade or a crowd funding app for kids who get excited about the prospect of raising $20 for the latest toy. Sorry, I’ve got to run and see if is an available domain.

Still got it!

Seriously though. Thanks for all the support over the years with a small t-shirt business that made it way further than it ever should have thanks to awesome people like you. From now on you’ll have to like us in your hearts because you can’t do it on Facebook anymore.

Thumbs up!