Sat down to eat lunch today and grabbed a bag of veggie thins and it said this on the package…


However, that seems a little misleading.  Isn’t everything better than something else?  Couldn’t I just compare myself to something that is crappier than me and say ” 100% Better Than The Crappy Miche”.  In this case I’m not talking about those silly interchangeable handbags but I really could be.  

Plus why 45% why not say 80% less fat than cheesecake.  Let me make a really informed decision .  What if I wasn’t sold on a chip and wanted to know all my options?  Is 45% enough of a gap for me to choose these clearly still unhealthy snack than is only marginally better than something that is horrible for me?  

Let’s pull taste into it…  These are delicious that’s why I chose them.  Way better than generic chips or even a trail mix which my guess is this falls In the middle of on the healthy spectrum.  But would you say that about these chips and creme brûlée?  What is that as a percentile?  Right now pretty high since creme brûlée just popped into my head I can’t stop thinking about it.  

Now I’m 45% more hungry than I was when I started and my discussion on poor marketing is only 40% complete but I am 100% out of chips and now need to think about something else.  

Snack on friends…  100%.