i don’t know how many of my friends are also wrestling fans…  I guess the sneaker culture tends to cross over pretty heavily with the pro wrestling universe.  

Here’s my issue.  I went to college during perhaps the greatest wrestling era of all time, dubbed the attitude era, my roommates and I would stay home on a Sunday night to watch the PPV where Stone Cold would open a can of whoop ass and The Rock would turn that son bitch sideways and stick it up your candy ass.  Clearly there was a lot of ass references in the attitude era.  While I’ve been a fan of wrestling since I was 6 it was that time that was the best…  In my humble opinion.  

As I say that I watch the most recent wrestling product and I’m kind of saddened.  I can honestly say the wrestling itself is better than it has ever been.  No one will argue that Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins are far superior athletes than Steve Austin or The Undertaker.  However, the stories are just not entertaining to me, some of it feels like I am watching a repeat of recycled story lines over the last decade.  I can’t remember the last time I was surprised…  Maybe I’m just waiting for some of these better performers to surprise me, someone like Routunda’s kid Bray Wyatt or if Samoa Joe makes a WWE debut soon.  Maybe it’s the 3 hours of wasted time on a Monday or the ability to read blogs and know what is happening in advance.  Maybe I’m growing up.  Maybe it just isn’t very good.  Maybe Sting is better with blond hair and colorful face paint.  Maybe it really is fake.  

All that said I am not totally down on it, the NXT product is near perfect.  1 hour on demand wrestling.  No wasted story lines just quick matches with extremely talented wrestlers (except Kevin Owens- I kid).  I could watch Sami Zayn or Finn Baylor or whatever Kenta is called for hours.  Even the women’s division is solid- who doesn’t love Bailey.  

For now, I’ll keep watching, it’s been a part of my life since Saturday Night had Main Events and Starcade was over shadowed by War Games.  Oh you didn’t know?  

Miche is a sneaker head, a dad and a wrestling fan who remembers when Bobby Eaton defined tag team wrestling and the Von Erichs were more popular than the Rhodes brother’s.