i quoted today that “Undateable” was the 7th best show on TV as it appeared on our DVR so I had to write a list to prove it.  Might as well write it online and get some advertising dollars from it…  Right?  

Here is what I think…  Also please note that I don’t have Netflix, time, premium channels or the desire to watch trendy shows on odd networks.  

  1. How to get away with murder
  2. Blacklist
  3. Modern Family
  4. Pretty Little Liars
  5. Under The Dome
  6. Bachelor in Paradise
  7. Undateable
  8. Grey’s Anatomy
  9. Scorpion
  10. Rehab Addict

I’m sure I left something out and what you should take away from this is that I really think Undateable is funny and not just because it’s based in Detroit and I can relate.  I think it’s important we say out loud we like shows, I’ve seen Mixology and Happy Endings both get cancelled despite them actually being two of the better shows in the past decade.  

Maybe Undateable carries on, maybe Happy Endings comes back someday, maybe they all get cancelled and I just watch HGTV for the rest of my life…  Let’s face it PLL isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, thanks ABC Family.