Have you ever been on a website and a pop up appears and asks you to take a survey?  eCommerce websites have been using this as a way for years to gain input from their shoppers to understand the things we can’t obtain from metrics.  We call this qualitative data.  

These are things like what drove you to purchase or what drove you to exit, what makes this site better or worse than others.  Someone in a roll like mine lives for this data and in between planned user experience studies we scour customer comments as a way to understand what to do more of and what to do less.  

While this will be lost on my immediate audience maybe there is an opportunity for some virality here.  

Please when you take these surveys be honest and descriptive.  Complaining about a personal experience in an anonymous survey does little for is to help you, take that beef to Twitter or call customer service.  We want to help you!  Telling me something sucks generically does little for me to improve that.  But we truly do want to improve.  Insulting the mind frame of the “designers” and their intent was isn’t a valid response either, what would you expect we do with that feedback?  Hire new designers or give them a demerit?  The best feedback you can give and many do are state the things we are missing, more filters on footwear or mention the way another site does it and why you like it.  That is totally actionable and we as eCommerce teams live for actionable feedback.  We want to make shopping better and the latest technology today is going to be replaced by the latest technology tomorrow.  

Help make shopping on the internet better.  That’s what I do when I go to work everyday.  

Stay Awesome.