Pretty much every sneaker review outlet has voted the Ultra Boost from adidas as the shoe of the year. I was an early adopter of the Ultra Boost I bought this pink color way the day it released and had planned the purchase before that when I saw early releases of the marketing.  

How could I pass up a shoe called the “best running shoe ever” by a company that I hadn’t purchased a shoe not named after an old tennis player in the last 5 years?  

If I had passed up that initial Ultra Boost I would not have been alone.  While the now shoe of the year is excluded from promotions and certain color ways sell out in minutes despite multiple restocks.  There was once a time when buyers were cutting back orders, cancelling POs and marking down products.  adidas hit the streets of marathons giving away shoes trying to get anyone to try the new runner.  I myself paid just $120 for the classic black color way and only $80 for the solar red color way…  

adidas was right though.  These are the best running shoes EVER.  The public just needed more convincing.  
That convincing came when a brand ambassador and his reality star wife hit the street in the Ultra Boost in anticipation of his own adidas collaboration.  The rest is history…  Gone are the discounted models and now stalking international websites for overnight launches was a real thing.  

The last color I bought before the hype was the Royal Blue one…  

Thinking if this shoe didn’t get a wider release this may be the closest I would ever get to a navy one.  

Then the real fun began, a real Collegiate Navy color way, a Silver LTD color way, a collaboration with Kolor that actually added some “color”, neons and while I skipped on them the rest of the world went crazy for solid white and black combos.  


Early 2016 releases brought color blocking that is extremely wearable although I would argue the prime knit is less comfy on the new models despite the huge improvement to the soles with the addition of Continental tire rubber.  

With 2015 in the books I was even lucky enough to be blessed with these Creme Friends & Family Boosts because remember I was an early adopter.  

So as the world tells you this is the shoe of the year believe them, it is comfy, wearable and worth every bit of hype the $180 price tag brings.  Even if that hype comes with connections to reality tv families.  

Happy New Year!