Miche Dwenger

a dad who wears size 9.5 sneakers & works in eCommerce



First off I am a Dad, my family is my favorite thing on this planet. I spends my days making the internet a better place to shop, I spend my evenings playing some version of hide & seek and my nights hunting down sneakers, writing blogs and having priceless conversations with adults. If I could only do one job for the rest of my life it would be to design/manufacture/sell the perfect sweatpant, if I could eat one thing it would be Little Caesars Pizza, if I could wear only one thing it would be grey New Balance Sneakers and if I could watch only one movie it would be Nick & Noras Infinite Playlist. I try to make every day more awesome than the last and on most days I succeed with flying colors. It’s nice to meet you.

Sneaker Week

Wow! I remember this week last year very well. It seemed like sneakers showed up at the house almost everyday of the week as my wife looked at me with death glares. The conversation I had with myself in one... Continue Reading →

Love – Hate Relationships

I love sneakers, I always have and I am in the process of writing for a book some excerpts on my experience and love for sneakers. All of that said there are certain relationships that cleanly balance love and hate... Continue Reading →

Gender Specifics

I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, we were lucky we went from no kids to 1 year later we had one of each make a model available to us without importing.  Having one of each is both... Continue Reading →

The Social Service

I have blogged about my love of the new iPhones and as anyone who reads knows I have the oversized plus while my wife have the regular (but still pretty large) 6. We love these phones, me especially, they are... Continue Reading →

Closing Thoughts

With the announcement that I am closing GrowndFlore I thought it would be a good time to do a top 5 t-shirts ever for the brand known for "where awesome tees feel at home". When I say top 5, I... Continue Reading →

Thank You GrowndFlore

Seven years ago I set out to launch a t-shirt company… back in 2007 there weren’t a lot of t-shirt companies out there, it wasn’t as accessible as it is today. True there were screen printers in every city, but... Continue Reading →

Stay at home Dad

I am lucky that I am really good at my day job and I get the privilege of talking to a lot of recruiters or HR reps if I decide it goes that far. The headhunters that really want to... Continue Reading →

You have a little something on your shelf

So this is our second year of elf shelving and I'll be honest Mr. Ryan Jangles has become a part of the family. In the same way I forget to do something for my wife or forget the kids coats... Continue Reading →

Shipping Impossible

As an online retailer this time of year is gold as customers flock online to make holiday purchases thanks to the ease of shopping it provides. Gifts bought from wish lists, researched for the best price and shipped directly to... Continue Reading →

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