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a dad who wears size 9.5 sneakers & works in eCommerce



Like Father… Like Son

You always wonder what forces our kids to be both similar and different to each of us.  For me I sit back and hope that my son picks up the best of my characteristics and none of my worst ones.... Continue Reading →

How I Fell in Love with adidas (Again)

In 7th grade my parents bought me my first pair of name brand shoes.  I knew shoes existed before that time but I was more concerned with comics and action figures to worry about the tiny bit of disposable income... Continue Reading →

My Most Hated Shoe – ASICS Gel Lyte III

The ASICS Gel Lyte III is celebrating an anniversary of sort this year as it's been around 25 years and has seen a resurgence the past few years thanks to multiple collaborations.  Probably none more than the ones done by... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Shoe Purchases of 2015

While my wife would tell you I purchased way too many shoes in the past year the truth of it is I can boil the majority of my purchases down to 3 models...  adidas Ultra Boost, adidas Gazelles and New... Continue Reading →

Why I love sneaker collaborations

If you are a sneaker head in today's world of collecting sneakers then you know by your Twitter feed that there is a new collaboration hitting the internet every couple of days.  In recent weeks this has been slew of... Continue Reading →

My current 6

As a part of my recent attempt to let the world know the sneaker head side of me.... here is the current 6 shoes that I am wearing most frequently and some of the reason why. I work a day... Continue Reading →

My Top 5

I was recently asked to start contributing to a sneaker blog and as an intro they asked me to post a couple of articles about myself, this is entry number 1, a simple list of my top 5 favorite shoes...... Continue Reading →

The best time of the year

If you are a fan of shoes you know that this time of the year in order to support the obsession of kids returning back to school tons of amazing shoes are released... Here's my haul over the past few... Continue Reading →

Multicolor flyknits

Look at what came in the mail today... Here's one hint, it's not the dog in the background... It's these beautiful Nike multicolored flyknits. These things are wicked comfy and oh so fly.

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