Miche Dwenger

a dad who wears size 9.5 sneakers & works in eCommerce



Top 5 Shoe Purchases of 2015

While my wife would tell you I purchased way too many shoes in the past year the truth of it is I can boil the majority of my purchases down to 3 models...  adidas Ultra Boost, adidas Gazelles and New... Continue Reading →

Why I love sneaker collaborations

If you are a sneaker head in today's world of collecting sneakers then you know by your Twitter feed that there is a new collaboration hitting the internet every couple of days.  In recent weeks this has been slew of... Continue Reading →

My current 6

As a part of my recent attempt to let the world know the sneaker head side of me.... here is the current 6 shoes that I am wearing most frequently and some of the reason why. I work a day... Continue Reading →

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