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Actually good marketing?

Sat down to eat lunch today and grabbed a bag of veggie thins and it said this on the package... However, that seems a little misleading.  Isn't everything better than something else?  Couldn't I just compare myself to something that is... Continue Reading →

Saving or Hoarding

This weekend I had my in-laws in town and one of the conversations that came up was that my Mother In Law is a self professed hoarder.  She stocks up on gifts year round and at any given point would... Continue Reading →

Puppy Love

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

Deleted GrowndFlore

Today I took a major entrepreneurial life step and deleted the GrowndFlore Facebook page. It was weird to think that each one of these steps means that I am no longer a small business owner or am I no longer... Continue Reading →

Sneaker Week

Wow! I remember this week last year very well. It seemed like sneakers showed up at the house almost everyday of the week as my wife looked at me with death glares. The conversation I had with myself in one... Continue Reading →

Love – Hate Relationships

I love sneakers, I always have and I am in the process of writing for a book some excerpts on my experience and love for sneakers. All of that said there are certain relationships that cleanly balance love and hate... Continue Reading →

Gender Specifics

I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl, we were lucky we went from no kids to 1 year later we had one of each make a model available to us without importing.  Having one of each is both... Continue Reading →

The Social Service

I have blogged about my love of the new iPhones and as anyone who reads knows I have the oversized plus while my wife have the regular (but still pretty large) 6. We love these phones, me especially, they are... Continue Reading →

Closing Thoughts

With the announcement that I am closing GrowndFlore I thought it would be a good time to do a top 5 t-shirts ever for the brand known for "where awesome tees feel at home". When I say top 5, I... Continue Reading →

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