Miche Dwenger

a dad who wears size 9.5 sneakers & works in eCommerce



The 7th Best

i quoted today that "Undateable" was the 7th best show on TV as it appeared on our DVR so I had to write a list to prove it.  Might as well write it online and get some advertising dollars from... Continue Reading →

Wresting with Mediocrity 

i don't know how many of my friends are also wrestling fans...  I guess the sneaker culture tends to cross over pretty heavily with the pro wrestling universe.   Here's my issue.  I went to college during perhaps the greatest... Continue Reading →

Are Tavas the new Roshe?

I'll be the first to admit...  I never got on the Roshe trend but I understand why it's appealing.  Low price point, lightweight comfort and tons of colors or prints.  I do own one pair of them, these Flyknit ones... Continue Reading →

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