There are few things in life that can define what type of person you are.  I would like to argue the dentist is one of those things.  

Here is a brief overview of my time at the Dentist.  I started late going to the dentist mostly because my mother didn’t enjoy the dentist and maybe some of it was financial.  When I finally did go I spent the next 6 years of my life having teeth pulled, 12 in all, and hardware filling my mouth.  I got my braces off my freshman year of high school and lost my retainer shortly there after.  I maintained regular dentist visits until I was 17 but promptly stopped as I moved out on my own while still in high school.  

I took off the next 18 years…  Not going back until I was 35, partially because I was ashamed, partially because I knew something would be wrong and I felt like I would get yelled at for it.  

First lesson I learned about myself, i hate doing things wrong, I hate being wrong and I especially hate being corrected.  

My wife could tell you all these things but she doesn’t have a blog or a point to make right now about self development.  The dentist however sees you for 30 minutes two times a year and has no problem telling you that you suck.  Matter of fact the more you suck the more they can inflict pain on you.  If every time I did something incorrect or not the best of my ability someone poked me with something sharp I would imagine I would change that behavior.  

Second thing I learned about myself, I need some kind of motivation to perform at my highest level.

In this case it was the threat of pain, but I have found that I perform at my best when motivated.  A timeline, a challenge, a threat of being attcked by tiny silver hooks or a prize.  Much like the prize my children receive for being good at the dentist I like that reward that recognition.  

Third thing I learned about myself, I love recognition for things I do well.

Needless to say the guy who went without the dentist for 18 years had some explaining to do when he finally returned to the chair and they shined that bright interrogation light in his face.  I had cavities, 3 of them to be exact, and some form of gum disease from where a pierced tongue had rubbed for a decade.  I cringed as they told me but accepted my punishment.  I returned every 3 months and began a cycle of oral recovery.  My last visit I was praised for my ability to turn around my dental health, my gums looked great and my teeth were healthy.  

Fourth thing I learned, I love achieving goals.

After months of working hard, flossing and being awesome I was able to achieve a goal.  That’s a good feeling to go from bad to good and then get recognized for it.  

By now I’m sure you’ve uncovered the purpose of this article.  

Don’t forget to floss, they’ll always accuse you of not flossing.