While my wife would tell you I purchased way too many shoes in the past year the truth of it is I can boil the majority of my purchases down to 3 models…  adidas Ultra Boost, adidas Gazelles and New Blanace 998.  With that said these are my top 5 shoe purchases this year.  
5. New Balance 998 Custom “Father’s Day”

My kids have started the past 2 years with what I hope becomes an annual tradition of designing custom shoes.  Last year’s 990 were a great grey suede with subtle light blue accents.  This year my 3 year old daughter took over on color selection and these perfect gems showed up.  While they were a gift I still consider them one of the best pick ups of 2015
4.  New Balance Bespoke 1400 Horween Leather

Technically also a gift these shoes are perfect in every way… Premium materials, extremely wearable and one of my fave NB models.  After 5 years of marriage my wife felt like these were close enough to wood to make an acceptable anniversary gift.  Thank you.  
3. adidas x Dwenger Collective Gazelle

This is kind of a cop out to pick my own collaboration as a top shoe of 2015 but when given the chance to collaborate with adidas it was a no brainer.  This was an homage shoe to the green gazelles I wore in 7th grade that were my first ever name brand sneaker.  With the full collection consisting of 8 colors this one was by far my favorite due to the history it has with me. 
2. New Balance x JCrew 998 Hilltop Blues

I always love what JCrew does with a New Balance shoe, they pick great colors and fabrications and as you might remember from my intro this is one of my favorite models to wear right now.  This one looks stellar with khakis and sweats and has a blend of colors that go with a lot but is never too loud.  
1. Kolor x adidas Ultra Boost

I like many sneaker heads fell in love with the Ultra Boost and could easily have filled all 5 spots with different colors of the shoe I wear more than any other but this one is special.  Gone is the traditional one color and color blocked neon sit beside a grey base for a perfect way to make the world greatest runner now a wicked fashionable sneaker.  This model was the cornerstone of the Ultra Boost collaboration marketing and despite it not having the Yeezy co-sign of the more popular whiteout collaboration this one had me at hello.  I guess I’m thankful for that as it made it much easier to buy.  

That wraps it up… Happy Shoe Year everyone.